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Quake 3 Rocket Launcher |VERIFIED|

At higher skill levels, Quake 3 Bots can rocket jump to cut corners and reach important items as well as player. Player can detonate a grenade under feet or blast jump away from a bouncepad to reach high placed power-ups or just plain surprise enemies at the cost of suffering fall damage. Maps at late tiers simply creates playgrounds for poking the curiosity of rocket jumpers with high platforms, elevators, vast open areas and bouncepads.

Quake 3 Rocket Launcher


At the Battle Suit main yard, rocket jumping is required to reach and land on the bouncepad hovering at the middle to collect heavy armor and BFG10k. This map is later modified to include a plain bounce pad at the same area, placed under that floating bounce in Quake Live.

Thanks to open build of this map being riddled with bouncepads and community's sheer interest, there are more than one way to reach Quad Damage platform over the top. Most known one is doing a stacked rocket jump twice from the second floor bouncepads.

In Quake 3 Arena, the Rocket Launcher, or "RL", fires powerful rockets. These generate Splash Damage, which do damage around the rocket's point of impact. Generated splash damage from the point of impact can be utilized in Rocket Jump or air juggling enemies.

The Rocket Launcher is a popular weapon, so expect some resistance when trying to get it. When an attacker kills someone with a Rocket Launcher, the game feedback summary will announce something like "Grunt ate Bitterman's rocket." on direct hit kills or "Wrack almost dodged Gorre's rocket." on splash damage kills.

With normal gravity and without the quad, the maximum rocket jump height is around 280 units (you can sometimes jump a few units higher but this is a safe value for reference). In practice, except for especially tricky jumps, this value should be substantially lower. Test rocket jumps repeatedly before settling on a final height.

This means that in Quake 3, and if my math is right, you can rocket jump a distance of 35 feet (10.668 meters) - five times the player's height, and more than six times the max normal jump height (maybe that's what you meant by "jump increase"?)

Notable features of Quake III Arena include the minimalist design, lacking rarely used items and features; the extensive customizability of player settings such as field of view, texture detail and enemy model; and advanced movement features such as strafe-jumping and rocket-jumping.

Unlike its predecessors, Quake III Arena does not have a plot-based single-player campaign. Instead, it simulates the multiplayer experience with computer-controlled players known as bots.[1] The game's story is brief: "the greatest warriors of all time fight for the amusement of a race called the Vadrigar in the Arena Eternal." The introduction video shows the abduction of such a warrior, Sarge, while making a last stand. Continuity with prior games in the Quake series and even Doom is maintained by the inclusion of player models and biographical information.[2] A familiar mixture of gothic and technological map architecture as well as specific equipment is included, such as the Quad Damage power-up, the rocket launcher, and the BFG.

The weapons are balanced by role, with each weapon having advantages in certain situations, such as the railgun at long-range and the lightning gun at close quarters. The BFG super-weapon is an exception to this; compared to other similarly named weapons in the Doom/Quake series, Quake III Arena's incarnation of this weapon is basically a fast-firing rocket launcher and it is found in hard-to-reach locations. Weapons appear as level items, spawning at regular intervals in set locations on the map. If a player dies, all of their weapons are lost and they receive the spawn weapons for the current map, usually the gauntlet and machine gun. Players also drop the weapon they were using when killed, which other players can then pick up.

Either way, you can enjoy a miniature Quake 3 rocket launcher key chain which was also included in Wolfenstein: The New Order; Fallout's Nuka-Cola can be obtained through a vending machine along with Supersaft with a Pip-Boy like logo.

While Bobby Bram drives Blazkowicz to his objective in London during the opening sequence of Chapter 6 "London Nautica", notice that the keychain hanging from the ignition is a rocket launcher from Quake 3.

Indeed, in order to keep the timedemo data consistent across platforms, I found that I had to patch Quake III Arena on both Windows and Linux to the final 1.32c release. This was a straightforward process using the installer provided by Besset, which can also add support for the Team Arena expansion pack on Linux. From there I just had to override a few of the game binaries with those provided in the archive.

Functions the same. Looks completely different from the final model. The rocket itself is also very different. It's green, has a yellow flare and a blue jet flame on it. The word ROCKET is written on it.

  • DescriptionThis project is a fork of IOQuake3 ( ) designed for learning gamification in conjunction with the Anki flashcard software package ( ). You can start single player games with bots using this special build of IOQuake3

  • You will not be able to pick up any weapons, ammo or powerups off the ground. You will have to earn those by doing Anki reviews. Bots will pick up items/weapons and shoot you with them though.

  • You start the game with a Railgun and Rocket Launcher, with no ammo. You can request ammo for them at the cost of 5 anki reviews for each ammo pack (this is configurable).

  • Similarly, you can request Health or Armor.

  • When you request items, the bots become paused and will not attack you.

  • You can then alt-tab into Anki, which has been notified of your target review count.

  • Perform all your reviews in Anki. You will hear audio feedback from Quake3 as you perform your reviews and earn items. You will also hear a sound when all your reviews are done. You can then alt-tab into Quake3 and resume playing.

Please follow install instructions: -quake3 Download The add-on author has not uploaded a version of this add-on compatible with Anki 2.1. Old add-ons for Anki 2.0 can be downloaded from the archive. All Anki 2.1.x Add-Ons

The lightning gun and machine gun let you damage someone as long as you kept them in your sights, grenade and rocket launchers unleashed splash damage chaos, shotgun was up close death, the plasma gun can keep the heat on with hard projectiles, the railgun was a death machine in the hands of an accurate player, and the BFG is the BFG. The Team Arena expansion also added in the punishing chaingun, a proximity mine launcher, and the good old nailgun.

Quake III Arena (also known as Quake 3; abbreviated as Q3A or Q3), is a multiplayer-focused first-person shooter video game. The game was developed by id Software and featured music composed by Sonic Mayhem and Front Line Assembly. Quake III Arena is the third in the series and differs from previous games by excluding a traditional single-player element and focusing on multi-player action. The single-player is instead played against computer controlled bots in a similar style to Unreal Tournament. Notable features of Quake 3 include the minimalist design, lacking rarely used items and features, the extensive customizability of player settings such as field of view, texture detail and enemy model, and advanced movement features such as strafe-jumping and rocket-jumping. Quake 3 is available on a number of platforms and contains mature content. The game was highly praised by reviewers who, for the most part, described the gameplay as fun and engaging. Many liked the crisp graphics and focus on multiplayer. Quake 3 has also been used extensively in professional electronic sports tournaments such as QuakeCon, Cyberathlete Professional League and the Electronic Sports World Cup.

The Rocket Launcher (or RPG) is a weapon in the Team Fortress games. It fires a powerful rocket. To compensate for its high power, it has the highest reload time for any weapon in the Team Fortress games.

Do not try to directly hit a target with a rocket. Instead, aim near their feet. A rocket will create splash damage when it explodes, causing enemies near the rocket to take damage. While the enemy won't receive as much damage as he would with a direct impact, he will suffer a large amount of damage.

On offense, the Rocket Launcher is very useful for distracting powerful defenders so that your weaker attackers can slip through. When you see a powerful defender, begin launching rockets at him so that you can get his attention. Begin to deathmatch him so that his only focus will be you. While you and the enemy are fighting, your weaker attackers can slip by. If you can, try to kill the defender so that your attackers can advance deeper into the enemy base.

On defense, the Rocket Launcher is very useful for killing weak attackers, such as Scouts and Medics. About two or so indirect hits from a rocket will gib a Scout, and about four rockets are needed to kill a Medic.

Phobos is a powerful warrior in top physical condition. He is the third opponent faced in Quake 3's single player progression. He may use the rocket launcher, but prefers the shotgun and lightning gun. He likes to use the latter two weapons up close and personal, and will attempt to close range rapidly.

The Nameless Place: This medium-sized map contains at its center an interesting regeneration chamber. This glowing blue cylinder of light will replenish both your health and armor at approximately 10 points per second as long as you stand there. Unfortunately, this makes you a sitting duck, especially when considering the rocket launcher sits in direct view of this area.

The regeneration chamber/rocket launcher area tends to be one of the most crowded spots on the map, so try to keep an eye on it without becoming a target yourself. The plasma gun is a good tool to clear this area out with, especially if you can grab the quad or invisibility first.


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