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Italian Movie Download Deep Six

Later, another variant of Pterodo ( was executed and was used to download and execute a new file called deerskin.exe (ad1f796b3590fcee4aeecb321e45481cac5bc022500da2bdc79f768d08081a29). This file is a dropper for a VNC client. When executed, it pings google DNS ( to test internet connectivity, then proceeds to drop a VNC client and establishes a connection to a remote C&C server controlled by the attackers:

Italian Movie Download Deep Six


The file deerbrook.ppt (b46e872375b3c910fb589ab75bf130f7e276c4bcd913705a140ac76d9d373c9e) VBS file contacts a command-and-control (C&C) server at If the C&C server is available, a HTTP POST request is sent to download a payload, which is saved in the %USERPROFILE% folder as deep-sunken.tmp then renamed to deep-sunken.exe and executed. The binary is then deleted.

The dropped file deep-versed.nls (817901df616c77dd1e5694e3d75aebb3a52464c23a06820517108c74edd07fbc) downloads a payload from a C&C server ( and saves it as deep-green.exe in the following location:


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