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Girl Enjoy Anal Finger

Just as the techniques above offered a slow, intentional introduction to anal fingering, you can follow the same path to anal sex. For some, this may be adding more fingers or introducing a small dildo into the anus. As your partner becomes more comfortable, you can increase the size of the dildo or even use the tip of your penis to gently penetrate.

girl enjoy anal finger

Bringing up anal fingering and similar things to your girl, and then of course trying it can be a great way to improve your relationship. The taboo and forbidden aspect of anal play, along with just how good it feels, is a great thing to add to your bedroom repertoire.

The anus is packed with nerve-endings, so ass play can be an enjoyable and intimate activity for people of all genders and orientations. It can also be a great intro to anal play as fingers are often small and agile and can provide the kind of delicate, targeted pressure that can be more challenging to achieve with a toy or a penis. Learning how to safely and skillfully finger ass can be a great addition to your sex life.

Men have a tendency to enjoy anal sex more than women or, at a minimum, fantasize about it. In a study conducted a few years ago, over 38% of men between the ages of twenty and thirty-nine and over 32% of women ages eighteen to forty-four had engaged in anal intercourse with a heterosexual partner. That is up over ten percent since 1992.

Anal play can also be psychologically arousing. Because anal sex for women is still somewhat of a societal taboo, the thought of breaking that taboo provides excitement for many. Then there is the dynamic of dominance and submission. The idea of giving over all parts of their body to a partner can be a huge mental turn on. Still, other women like to play anally and vaginally at the same time because they imagine being penetrated by more than one person (and many enjoy the actual experience too).

Some anal cancers cause no symptoms at all. But symptoms of anal cancer can include changes in your poop, bleeding, itching, and pain or a lump at the anal opening. The doctor will ask you questions about your health and do a physical exam. The doctor will also look at your anus and may put a gloved finger inside to check for lumps. (This is called a rectal exam. The rectum is the part of the large intestine that connects to the anus.)

Anal fingering refers to the process of inserting a finger or multiple fingers into the anus, either by a partner or for self-pleasure. Anal fingering does not involve the whole hand, as that would be described as anal fisting. Fingering is generally a good starting point for those wanting to try out anal play but are not ready for full penetration with a penis or larger toy.

For first-time anal fingering, maintaining a relaxed and open perspective goes a long way. Common sensations include fullness, pressure, and intense or even surprising arousal. As you ease into it, contraction of the anus is also natural.

Because of the concentration of nerve endings in the anus, many people enjoy anal fingering as a way to reach otherwise inaccessible pleasure zones. These include the p-spot for those with a prostate, and the a-spot for those without. With practice, people can achieve an anal fingering orgasm or orgasm from a combination of fingering with other sex acts.

This is a critical conversation to have between partners as no one wants to be surprised by anal fingering. Consent is imperative when it comes to any sexual act and especially anal play as preferences may vary.

Furthermore, the STI risk during fingering is low but it is not eliminated. Finger cots provide protection on this front as well. There can be a risk if the partner with an infection touches their genitals prior to anal fingering. Reversely, if the bottom has an infection and the top enters them with a cut or wound on their hand that can cause transmission as well.

Using lube can make for a more comfortable experience and a silicone lube is generally best. The top should lube their finger from tip to base prior to entry and the bottom should generously lube their entire external anal region. The bottom can even consider a lube shooter to ensure that the anal canal is fully lubed as well.

Note that the anus is not at all self-lubricating, and as the anal walls are relatively thin, a thicker lubricant reduces the chances of anal injuries or tears. (Read more about choosing the best lubricants for anal sex and fingering.)

Foreplay is essential to getting both partners in the mood. This can involve anal massaging or really anything else that is exciting. This goes for solo anal fingering or toy use, as well as for with a partner.

When both partners are ready to proceed with anal fingering, the top should be aware of the entire anatomy, especially the musculature. There are three sets of muscles that make up the anal sphincter mechanism. Two smaller ones externally and the third internal. They all compromise about a 4-7cm length.

Once you have finished up, take a moment to clean up and collect yourselves. Reflect on the experience, what was good about it, and what you might like to try or change next time. Additionally, it is very important to look out for signs of injury immediately after fingering and in the days and weeks that follow. This is especially critical if one partakes in fingering or other types of anal play often. 041b061a72


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