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The Night Of Part 8 S01e08 The Call Of The Wild... !!TOP!!

Look Before You Sleep is the eighth episode of the first season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. In this episode, Applejack and Rarity are forced to stay at the library where Twilight resides for the night due to a thunderstorm. Twilight takes this opportunity to drag them into having a slumber party. The title of the episode is a play on the saying look before you leap, meaning acting only after careful planning.

The Night Of Part 8 S01e08 The Call Of The Wild...


Twilight, now sensing conflict, tries to move things along. Unfortunately, the conflict comes to a head during the next game: a pillow fight, which in no time turns into an all-out pillow war between Rarity and Applejack. Caught in the middle and bombarded with pillows, Twilight suggests that they call it a night and go to bed.

In a letter to Princess Celestia, Twilight writes that it's possible to get along with someone very different from you if you embrace each other's differences. She proposes another slumber party the following night, and her proposal is met by two pillows thrown in her face. The episode closes as the sky clears up, revealing a bright sunny day.

Now nighttime, Geralt wakes up to a woman healing him, who he originally hallucinates as Renfri then Yennefer before finally seeing the real sorceress, who's none other than Visenna and happened to be traveling through the area when she heard Yurga's call for help. The two go back and forth, dancing around what they really want to say, before Geralt finally confronts her, wanting to know if she at least knew or not that he could have died during the Trial of the Grasses. Instead of giving him an answer, Visenna tells him he needs to move on before making him fall asleep.

On arriving at the keep, the mages quickly learn they won't just be trying to fortify the place, but also trying to protect all the refugees holed up there, as the owner of the keep believes they can still save it, with the mages' help. With that, the mages get to work, preparing and enchanting bottles with blue minerals, setting up arrows, and getting everyone inside the walls. As night falls, many of the people are getting in one last celebration before Nilfgaard arrives, but Yennefer finds a woman still working on setting things up, revealing she can't celebrate as she's already lost everything to Nilfgaard and therefore has no option but to fight back now. Yennefer then magically forms more feathers out of the single one left for the woman to use for fletching.

With night falling, the injured Tissaia comes to while Nilfgaard continues to try and attack the remaining mages and Yennefer soon finds the still badly injured rectress, who informs her former pupil it's her turn to save everyone and the Continent, telling her to forget the lightning bottle and let her chaos explode. Yennefer then turns her gaze on the burning keep and absorbs all the fire, snuffing it out, before turning and releasing it on the hillside, setting the whole forest on fire and killing all the Nilfgaardian soldiers in its path, but disappears after she's done. As Tissaia hopelessly calls out for Yennefer, King Foltest arrives with his army to meet the Nilfgaardians.

Later that night, Jax goes to Tara's house to pick up more medical supplies. Just after he leaves, Kohn emerges from the bathroom to Tara's shock. Kohn asks for just 5 minutes of Tara's time, and a chance to start over. He apologizes for his behavior. Kohn says that Jax and Tara "can never happen," and that all that matters is the two of them. He asks for a change to "build the foundation" that their relationship needs. Kohn says "sometimes his energy can be very big," and that "he was an intense guy." He tells her "she wasn't used to being loved so deeply." They talk about Tara having an abortion at 6 weeks, and Kohn says that she did not ask him for his opinion, and that it was his baby too. Tara replies to him that it was not a baby, and he hits her. He intimidates her into having sex and she plays along, until she reaches his gun and shoots him in the stomach. She then calls Jax for help. When he arrives, he decides to shoot Kohn in the head and permanently end his intimidation tactics and bullying. Jax sits on the bed, Tara joins him there and starts to cry. Tara and Jax then fall into each other's arms and make love feet from Kohn's dead corpse while an iPod plays the Andy Williams song "Can't Get Used to Losing You" on repeat.

We are at the Tucker and Pritchett household, where Mitch and Cameron recite the information on Lilys' diapers: Cameron says 'Triple Leakage Protection' and then Mitch says 'LeakLock' and 'Contours to protect her little body' and then Cam says 'No gapping or chapping' and realise that they've hit that proverbial wall that all new parents hit: they need a night out with no baby talk Mitch thinks it'll make them better parents if- Which is where Mitch is cut off by Cam, when he says that he doesn't need to advertise it to him anymore as he's already in. Cam then gets the idea of enlisting Gloria's help with babysitting Lily, so they can party with Sal. It seems that she is the ultimate uninhibited party animal...and that's before she's had some booze. Cam says that hanging out with her is like an Amsterdam Saturday night every day of the week. Mitch then says "And, ironically Sal's not allowed back into Amsterdam.".

We are back with the Dunphys, where Haley wants to hang out at a party at a boy's house down the street instead of going to Jays' house for Jays' Night to which Claire tells her no as she has already made a commitment and needs to spend time with her family, Haley tells Claire that she also doesn't want to go because Manny seems to just stare at her in an inappropriate manner, Alex tells her that she should wear a bra. Claire then goes crazy because Alex then says that she wants to go as she says that she wants to spend time with family and then starts to be her usual self: convincing Luke that Grandpa doesn't have a lot of time left to which Claire tells Alex off telling Luke his grandpa is fine, but Alex carries on and has to whisper "For now". A person at the door has delivered Flowers to Claire at her door which implies that Phil has added flowers and balloons to Claire's present. When this happens Phil tells Claire that he doesn't want her to feel bad about only giving him the coupons. Claire tells him she doesn't feel bad because she has the rest of his present ready for him tonight. Claire gets "interviewed" where she says "I got nothing. I'm so screwed" implying she really hasn't got anything for Phil accept the coupons as she really doesn't know what to get him.

We are back with Mitch and Cam who meet Sal at a loud nightclub. Sal is the party girl she always was, even introducing them to her two best friends: her breasts, which have been enlarged. Sal tells them to feel them, and Mitch tells her he's "gay not dead" and then asks Cam if he's okay with it which he implies he's fine and Mitch says "I'm coming in" while they both just stare at her breasts in awe.

We come back to Cam and Mitch, where Mitch tells Cameron that he thinks he did actually hear Sal say "kill" and not "call", Cam tells Mitch that maybe it was just a joke, as she's always had a dark sense of humor. Cam gives Sal's Halloween costume as an example: "When she came as Siegfried and part of Roy" which Mitch says was a little too soon. Mitch tells Cam that he's going to bring up Lily and show her some photographs when she comes back which she is right now. Sal sits at the table and says she got free drinks, Mitch tells Sal that she has to look at the photographs (of Lily), Sal asks what they are and Mitch tells Sal it's Lily at the Zoo, which Sal makes a remark saying: "Cute, cute, cute.", Sal tells them that they should bring Lily to Cabo, and then makes a remark saying that she'll throw her in the ocean, it seems that she thinks that Lily seems to kill the fun that Cam and Mitch have with her. Mitch asks what she said once again and Sal lies about what she said once again: "I said I gotta go pee", this time Cam does hear what she says and tells Mitch "that wasn't even close" meaning that what she said to cover up the lie didn't even sound close to what the lie sounded like. We have a cut-scene.

We are back in the Pritchett household, where Gloria is singing badly to Lily to get her to go to sleep, Gloria says that she doesn't know why she hasn't gone to sleep yet, Alex tells Gloria "I have a theory". Jay comes back from shopping and tells everyone that he got the Western movie: 'The Gunfighters', Jay tells Manny to heat up some popcorn. Jay asks Haley "You lookin' for these?" while holding up her shoes. Haley exclaims: "You took my shoes?", and Jay tells her: "No, I took your freedom. Sorry, kid. It ain't your night." and Haley asks Jay why he's being like this. Haley tells Jay that she only wanted to go to the party and would've been back 2 hours later. Haley storms off to Mannys' bedroom. Jay tells Gloria: "She's just like her mother" but Gloria doesn't agree with him: "Why are you treating Haley like this?", Jay tells her that "She's the one acting like a pill". Gloria tells him that he's taking it too personally, when she was Haley's age she loved her grandpa but she still wanted to go to parties and be with boys. Jay tells Gloria that he knows this, as Claire wanted to and Mitchell wanted to, but if someone tries to put something over on him they're going to lose. Gloria asks Jay if he's now going to make it into a big game that he's going to win, Jay tells Gloria that he is just trying to keep them around a little bit longer and in front of Luke he says: "Who knows how many nights like this I got left?" which prompts Luke to hug Jay and say: "I miss you already" which weirds Jay out and makes him tell Luke to go and help the others out instead of being there with him, he then tells Luke he'll be there in a minute. Gloria tells Jay that it's great he wants to spend time with his granddaughter but asks Jay if it's really the way he wants to spend time with her: Her whining and moaning because he's trying to keep her a prisoner with him instead of letting her go to the party. Jay gives in when Gloria convinces him to let her go to the party, and Gloria tells him he's a good "Abuelo" (Grandfather) he heads for the back yard garden and Gloria tells him that she's upstairs to which Jay responds with "I know", we see Jay in the back yard shouting for Dylan, Dylan asks how Jay knew he was there and Jay tells him that's how he met Phil. We have a cut-scene. 041b061a72


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