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Cinema 4d R13 Keygen 26

PLUGIN ACTIVATION LICENSE1) Each time you buy a plugin you have 3 activation codes available.2) The activation code is used by plugin in order to run correctly and verify your purchase, you need to have an internet connection just for request the activation.3) After plugin activation it can be used offline and your computer does not need an internet connection active.4) You need to request a new activation code when:A) You change hardware parts on your computer.B) You install a new operating system or reinstall your operating system.C) You upgrade cinema 4d to a newer major release (example: R19 -> R20, R20 -> R21)5) Until you don't change your computer configuration (hardware and/or software) the activation code never expires and you can use the plugin as long as you want.

Cinema 4d R13 Keygen 26


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